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14K Gold Filled Necklace with blue crystal
14K Gold Filled Necklace with blue crystal

14K Gold Filled Necklace with blue crystal

$59.00 SGD

Graceful necklace with one single blue crystal

Have matching earring. Hypo-allergenic.

Materials14K gold filled / crystal. 

Size: Chain = 16 ich



How to take care of 14KGF products

Although 14KGF is comparatively a dis-colorable material, it is sometimes gradually change its gold color of surface due to sweat and the substance of cosmetic.

In order to keep long beautiful and bright gold color, it is preferable to put off the sweat or dirtiness on the surface of products by soft cloth each time you use, and put into the zipping bag.

If products go and looks more dirty and you feel dis-coloration is much, we recommend the treatment as following method.

  1. Putting neutral detergent into lukewarm water.
  2. Wash products softly inside water above and remove water carefully with soft cloth.
  3. Dry the products completely with adequate distance by dryer.

You can also use special cleaner on 14KGF which is prepared and specialized for 18K gold, if products go worn out due to long year uses.

2) Please be noted that the real colors of products may look different from website pictures due to PC’s graphic condition of coloration.

3) Please be noted that color and natural pattern of stone or pearl in our products is different one by one because of its characteristic of natural stones and pearl.