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Hand-made shoes and bag designers: Kim Young-Min & Kang Yoon-Joo

YURT from Korea

The harmony of a man who makes shoes and a woman who designs bags.

One day, a man who studied shoe design and a woman who studied bag design met. After building a relationships for 12 years, they were married, and the brand, just like their marriage, was born.

The story is almost like a romantic movie, but it's not just about love.It is also about the brand: "Yurt," which doesn't follow the trends, but instead relies on the aesthetic of emotional design and the integrity of the artisan.

Close your eyes and imagine this scene:

You are in the middle of a vast expanse of grass in Mongolia where innocent sky and vast earth meet. You see a Yurt, the nest of the nomad. What would be there in the Yurt where strangers are be welcome? You can imagine the bag, shoes, dishes, apron, and so on which are all made of natural leather. This is the image that fuels the Yurt brand in Korea.

"We want the brand to show the innocence and naturalness of the nomads who live in nature. Although we start with bags and shoes, the brand will continue to grow, to make many more routine tools out of natural leather.

All products made by Mr. and Mrs. Kim are not trendy or fancy—they are classically, ruggedly beautiful. Yurt Design focuses on good materials and silhouette, not fancy ornaments. Yurt Bags and shoes are made with vegan leather which is coated only in vegetable extract and are made with minimal cutting of the leather. Using the whole skin is part of Yurt’s conviction and the use of the vegan leather shows its spirit. Yurt as a brand endeavours to become a fossil , enduring forever and graven in eternal time.

In the 12 years since they were college students, Mr. and Mrs. Kim have been together. And now, the two people, who always longing for the Yurt of nomad, are building up their own Yurt which is warm, peaceful, and free!

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