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so that's me

so that's me from Taiwan

so that's me is a brand started from Taiwan that brings a fresh, smart, and cozy lifestyle to the market. Its starting point is back to true self originality and passion to dream.

It cares about yarn selection, fabric hand feel, and graphic design.Born out of creative minds and professional manufacture, most of our products are made in Taiwan and by me-self. Now so that's me surprised the market by its simplicity and freshness in its design. Make your day smart and cozy is our brand spirit.

Smart cozy. Original design from Taiwan. so that's me!

so that's me如品牌名稱一樣回歸衣著最簡約純粹的質地,強調合身的剪裁與溫柔的手感。對於穿衣,從最簡單的感受衣著開始,每件衣物設計從最初的選紗、布料開始到最後的包裝親自操刀。
回歸原點與從生活體驗出發,so that’s me用心原創設計,讓創意設計服飾在地開花,並把芬芳帶到遠方。

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