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Mays from Japan

May left her job at an ad agency and went back to school to pursue her dream of working as a designer. However it was her travels that inspired the start of Mays. Whenever she came across a charming natural stone, she used it to make a necklace or bracelet for her own joy. 

Friends around May began to compliment the accessories and asked her to teach them how to make them. She eventually taught over 100 ladies how to make accessories in one year. News of her workshop spread and May was offered to hold an exhibition – and that’s how Mays began. 

The brand concept of Mays is to create accessories which bring out the inner intelligence of each person. Mays expresses the invisible beauty present inside all of us through their products. 

While Mays puts a cute and charming taste into the design, their products are simple in shape and contain only the necessary parts so that it can show the original beauty of the materials. 

Those who wear Mays can enjoy expressing their own casual style with the accessories meant to match any fashion. 

Mays products are hand-made and designed carefully to imagine the sensibility of the wearer. May hopes to help each customer express themselves through her accessories.